Daniela offers many classes at all levels. Please see below to read the class descriptions and see which class is right for you.

Class Schedule
American Dance and Drama Studio:

Fresh Meadows map

(Fresh Meadows Location)
Open Level: Mondays, 7:30pm


188-22 Union Turnpike,
Fresh Meadows, NY

Pre-registration is required for the session
Email Daniela or call the studio to pre-register

Telephone: 718-479-8522

Ultimate Fitness:

Woodside map

Cardio Belly: Sundays, 10:00am


2650 Brooklyn Queens Expressway,
Woodside, NY

Telephone: 718-726-4343

Queens Dance Project:

Bayside map

Open Level: Thursdays, 8:00pm


214-26 41st Ave,
Bayside, NY

Telephone: 718-229-1133

Class Descriptions
Open Level:

All are welcome! Difficulty level will be adjusted depending on the level of students present.

Beginner Level:

Areas covered include basic isolations, choreography drills, basic footwork and arm positions, and an introduction to veil technique. All levels of dancers are encouraged to attend the beginner level class, as continued practice of the basics of bellydance is always recommended!

Intermediate Level:

Empahsis on choreography and technique. More complex choreography will be taught, as well as more complex veil technique. Also taught will be an introduction to zills (finger cymbals) and floorwork. While it is not necessary to master the basics to attend this class it is strongly recommended that you are comfortable with the basic isolations taught in the beginner and open level classes and with basic choreography before taking the intermediate class.

Cardio Belly:

This is a fast-paced bellydance class, with the emphasis on fitness and movement. While proper technique is taught and drilled in the “cardio belly” classes, technique is not the focus. This is also an open level class, as the level of difficulty will be adjusted depending on the level of students present.

What to Wear to Class

• Comfortable clothes
• Leggings, yoga pants or a loose/flowing skirt (No jeans! You must be able to stretch and move freely.)
• Hip Scarves are recommended but not necessaary
• Bare feet, ballet slippers, hermes sandals or socks recommended (No sneakers! Sneakers make it hard to dance!)